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Postmarks from Hanover Junction

David A. Gentry has written an interesting article about the history of postmarks from Hanover Junction called The Railroad Station Cancels of Hanover Junction.

This article appeared in the The Pennsylvania Postal Historian, Vol. 33, No. 3 (Whole No. 164), August 2005.

We gratefully acknowledge the permission given by the Pennsylvania Postal History Society, the author, and Norm Shachat, Editor of The HISTORIAN, to reproduce this article.

Hanover Junction postmark from1908.

Wilferd Shaffer (Station Agent at Hanover Junction) took an art course from the International Correspondence School in Scranton, PA.

Dedication of the Hanover Junction Station

Dr. Charles Glatfelter, Professor Emeritus of History, Gettysburg College, gave this presentation on the occasion of the Dedication of the Hanover Junction Railroad Station Museum, November 18, 2001.

Card from the dedication of the Hanover Junction Railroad Station after restoration by York County Department of Parks and Recreation. November 18, 2001.

Hanover Junction – Pennsylvania or Virginia?

Over the years, there has been some confusion between two different Hanover Junctions — Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania, and Hanover Junction, Virginia (now called Doswell). Both sites played important roles in the Civil War. You can read more about Hanover Junction, Virginia, in this article, Civil War History: Hanover Junction, from the American Battlefield Trust.

1876 Centennial Excursion Ticket

A Centennial Excursion Ticket for travel to Philadelphia for the 1876 Centennial.

Station Agent’s Rubber Stamps

Hanover Junction Station Agent’s Rubber Stamps

“It’s not on the map”

“It’s Not on The Map: Hanover Junction Spawned By Railroad.” Article published by Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. Unknown date.

Hanover Junction Station before restoration

Freight Bill – Hanover Junction, Hanover & Gettysburg R. R. Co.

Postmasters at Hanover Junction

  • Edmund Snodgrass, 1854 – 1859
  • Hamilton Glessner, 1859 – 1862
  • John Scott, 1862 – 1871
  • Howard Scott, 1871 – 1874
  • James Sharon, 1874 – 1875
  • Henry Geise, 1875 – 1883
  • James Sharon, 1883-1885
  • H. I. Gladfelter, 1885 – 1909
  • William S. Henry, 1909 – 1927
  • Leonard Henry, 1927 – 1929
  • Leona Henry, several weeks after her husband died
  • Guy Brodbeck, 1930 – 1941

This information was in a letter from Charles H. Glatfelter to Roger E. Shaffer, December 17, 2001

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