Roger Shaffer

Hanover Junction History

This site was originally developed as a way for Roger Shaffer to share his stories and memories of Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania. Growing up in the Hanover Junction railroad station, he had plenty of history to share. He enjoyed writing about Hanover Junction and his experiences growing up on the railroad. His father, Wilferd, was the station agent at Hanover Junction.

Sadly, Roger passed away in 2012 at the age of 98. Rather than have the history of Hanover Junction fade away, this site serves as an archive of stories and images of the junction.

Model Building

In his retirement years, Roger had a passion for building scale models. He created dozens of buildings, some large, some small, but all to a scale of 3/16″ = 1 foot. This site includes pictures of Roger’s Hanover Junction models as well as models from other locations.

On the Stories page, you’ll find Roger’s autobiography, along with many other stories he chronicled throughout his life.

I hope you enjoy this little piece of Hanover Junction history and the recollections of a boy who was born in 1913, and experienced nearly a century of adventure.

— Dean Shaffer

Stories about Roger Shaffer

Here are some stories about Roger that you may find interesting.

“Being a Visitor and Being a Greeter…” by Peggy Poff, Chair Friends of the heritage Rail Trail Corridor. Fox Tracks. York County Department of Parks and Recreation. January-April 2005.

“Models Make Tracks to Train Station Museum” by Barb Krebs. York Daily Record. February 14, 2005. p. 1C

“A lengthy fascination with replication” by Tony Nauroth. The Express-Times. Sunday, November 26, 2006.

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