PRR Westbound Train No. 993  4:58pm (L.F. Henry)
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Hanover Junction Models

Since Roger's favorite past time was creating models, he spent many hours on models of buildings and sites at Hanover Junction. Here are some pictures of his models, along with a brief description of each model. Each building is made to a scale of 3/16" = 1 foot.

Hanover Junction Railroad Station

East side of building.  Train is on westbound track to Harrisburg.

"Note water pump on the right - our only water supply."

Hanover Junction Railroad Station

West side of building

Station Agent and Telegraph Operator's office were located in the single-story addition on the right side of the building

Hanover Junction

Pennsylvania R.R. train Westbound to Harrisburg

Hopper car in center is on Western Maryland track to Hanover and Gettysburg

Coal shed and tool shed buildings are on the right

Hanover Junction

South end of building

- Freight warehouse is in foreground

- Milk cans are on black platform next to track

Hanover Junction

- South end of building

- note train order board on corner porch post

Restored Hanover Junction Station

South end of building

model is of station as it has been converted to a museum by York County Parks Department

note that the office addition has been removed from end of building and replaced by small room as originally included when building was built. This design is confirmed by pictures of building taken in 1863.

Restored Hanover Junction Station North end of building as altered in conversion to a museum
Penna. Railroad Coal Yard

7/10 mile south of of Hanover Junction railroad station

supplied coal, water, and sand to steam locomotives

Penna. Railroad Coal Yard

switch track on left was cinder switch. A waiting car held the ashes from steam locomotives.

4 tracks in center, from left to right:
switch, Hanover Jct. to Seitzville
main Westbound track
main Eastbound track
switch, Hanover Jct. to Seitzville

on right, note warning ropes to caution brakeman riding on top car of low elevation ahead

Diehl's School

Diehl's School, North Codorus Twp., York County

1.25 miles from Hanover Junction

1 room, 1 teacher

note see-saw made using fence rails

W.S. Henry & Son

W.S. Henry & Son - General Merchandise, Hanover Junction, PA

Erected in 1911, owned and operated by William and Leonard Henry.

Destroyed by fire, March 10, 1933

Howard Tunnel

Howard Tunnel, North Codorus Township, PA

Built by Northern Central Railroad in 1838

Second oldest railroad tunnel in the United States and oldest in continued service

Converted to double track in 1865

H.I. Gladfelter Cigar Manuracturing

Gladfelter Cigar Manufacturing, Hanover Junction, PA

Owned and operated by H.I. Gladfelter

Built in 1895 and razed about 1955.

Track Repair Gang Shed

Hanover Junction

located about 50 yards north of the Coal Yard

used by track repair gang for storage of tools and maintenance equipment

Pump House

Hanover Junction

located east of Coal Yard

housed gasoline-powered engine for pumping water from Codorus Creek to the coal yard reservoir

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