PRR Westbound Train No. 993  4:58pm (L.F. Henry)
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More Information about Hanover Junction


Postmarks from Hanover Junction

Cover image of Pennsylvania Postal Historian #164

David A. Gentry has written an interesting article about the history of postmarks from Hanover Junction called The Railroad Station Cancels of Hanover Junction.

This article appeared in the The Pennsylvania Postal Historian, Vol. 33, No. 3 (Whole No. 164), August 2005. We gratefully acknowledge the permission given by the Pennsylvania Postal History Society, the author, and Norm Shachat, Editor of The HISTORIAN, to reproduce this article.


Hanover Junction Postmark This is a picture of a Hanover Junction postmark from 1908 (click the link for a closer view).

Presentation by Dr. Charles Glatfelter

Dr. Charles Glatfelter, Professor Emeritus of History, Gettysburg College, gave this presentation on the occasion of the Dedication of the Hanover Junction Railroad Station Museum, November 18, 2001.